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Cellulite – that bumpy “orange peel” look that many men and women hate to find on themselves. Some buy inexpensive (and some very expensive indeed) creams to try on their problem areas, and others go to great lengths to be rid of their cellulite and pursue surgical procedures.

So what is cellulite treatment that is popular and prevalent today? In this article, we will discuss the most sought after treatment for cellulite, and whether or not they are actually found to be beneficial in getting rid of cellulite.

The first treatment of cellulite that we will talk about is cellulite cream. These creams can be found almost anywhere that skin care products are sold, and as mentioned earlier, they have been found available for purchase at a reasonable price, and some are quite expensive. But do they work?

The jury is out on whether or not cellulite has met its match in the form of cellulite cream. While some users have found that this cream has not done much for their problem spots, others have noticed quite a difference when it comes to a dent in their cellulite (no pun intended). But some of these creams contain an ingredient that can prove harmful for a number of consumers. What is this ingredient? It is aminophylline, and it often works within a cellulite cream by restricting blood vessels and forcing water away from skin. This may lessen the appearance of cellulite, but in reality cause a circulatory issue in the consumer using the cellulite product. So do these creams work? Again, the jury is out on this, but if you decide to pursue a cellulite cream for your problem areas, do so with caution and lots of research under your belt for your chosen product!

Another “treatment” for cellulite isn’t really a treatment at all, but just a way to manage the appearance of these bumps and dimples when out in public. Since cellulite is less of an issue (when it comes to appearance) in darker skin types, pale individuals have found that applying self-tanner on their trouble zones makes them less likely to be seen. So if you are planning a special night out with a loved one, or a day at the swimming pool, perhaps self tanner is the way to go!

So what is cellulite treatment that does not involve creams or tanners? A step up from these creams can be found in massage or spa treatments. Body wraps or massage that drains excess bodily fluids may help temporarily to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but they do not actually get rid of the cellulite itself. So being aware of this, you could either skip these treatments altogether, or bang out a regular treatment plan for yourself so your skin is smooth as often as you want it to be.

Another treatment that is popular among individuals hoping to be rid of their cellulite is liposuction. This is a surgical procedure where fat deposits on the body are removed. But be aware that this procedure only removes deep fat from the body, and not cellulite, which lies right beneath the skin’s surface. And while having fat removed from the body through exercise and physical activity can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, many have found that the liposuction procedure may actually worsen cellulite visually by creating depressions within the skin.

So what else can someone do for the appearance of cellulite? Instead of buying pricey creams, or undergoing scary and potentially harmful surgical procedures, what is cellulite treatment that someone could do on their own?

Cellulite is often caused by a poor diet, and lack of physical activity. So it would make sense, then, that if you wanted to reduce the appearance of this cellulite that you would stick to a regimen of healthy dieting and regular exercise. Also, wearing clothing that fits rather than being too tight (that goes for undergarments as well!) can help to manage the appearance of cellulite. So take care of yourself, and make a habit of being the most healthy person you can be, and you could see a huge difference in your cellulite!

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